Birth Trauma & Three Step-Rewind

Written by Zaina Ahmed on Saturday, 11 March 2023

Birth Trauma & 3 Step-Rewind

Unfortunately, birth trauma has increased within our maternity system. Sometimes a birth can be seen to be perfect but in reality we can’t always tell how that individual is feeling. It is important to note that trauma can also be experienced antenatally or postnatally. The Birth Trauma Association have written that 25%-34% of women and their partners have considered their birth to have been traumatic - this is massive! Some symptoms of trauma can include nightmares, panic attacks, anxiety, avoidance of the memory, tearfulness, feeling of failure and much more.

What is 3-step rewind & how can it help? The 3 step rewind process was developed from a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique known as the ‘Fast Phobia Cure’. This involves a trauma resolution process. This includes debriefing, relaxation, looking at outcomes and how to use those for the future in order to make changes and reduce anxiety around the traumatic memory.  3 step rewind can all be done without the practitioner needing to know the clients story in order to achieve the desired outcome. This can be seen as a relief for many, as sometimes telling the story itself can be immensely triggering.

Session 1 involves the practitioner engaging with their client. The client can choose whether they want to talk about their memory or not. This period helps to build a rapport and trust between client and practitioner. At this stage the practitioner will scale their symptoms so that they can compare notes once they have managed to reach session 3. The practitioner aims to help the client find a goal and ends the session with a relaxation script. Session 2 involves the rewind technique. Again, the client will be taken through a relaxation script. In addition to this, they will be asked to visualise a large screen, where the client will play their memory forwards and backwards from 3 different perspectives. There is then an opportunity for them to remove that memory from this visualisation. The last session looks to see if the rewind technique has had the desired outcome, to which the practitioner will ask their client to rescale the symptoms. If necessary, the practitioner can re-run the rewind process again. If it is not needed, a relaxation script is used to strengthen the clients feeling of a positive and more confident future. If this is something you feel will benefit you, please do not hesitate to contact me. Together we can combat your fears and your anxieties.