Research backed techniques designed to empower you to manage your journey to birth and beyond.



Providing a nurturing and supportive environment for you and your partner, during the course of your birth journey, whether it be at home or in hospital.


Aiming to help facilitate a smooth transition into motherhood/parenthood by supporting your physical and emotional needs.


A comprehensive one-to-one antenatal course, designed to arm you with the knowledge you need to know about birth and empower you using techniques to help relieve fear and promote relaxation.

Pregnancy Relaxation

A one-to-one relaxation session, aimed to help you de-stress and allow you time to stop and breathe.

Infant Feeding Coaching

Supporting families through their feeding journeys, whether it be breast/bottle/combiantion feeding, antentally and postnatally.

Birth trauma

Using the process of three-step rewind to help debreif through your antenatal, birth or postnatal trauma and using methods of relaxation to help change and reduce anxiety around your traumatic memory.

Baby Massage

A one-to-one course, designed to help you bond and become confident with your baby using gentle and rhythmic form of touch therapy.

How this works

When it comes to birth work, there is no one size fits all. Enquire now for a free consultation so we can craft the perfect package for you to ensure you have all the support and resources you need.


Birth & Postnatal Client

'Zaina has been an absolute blessing during my pregnancy and postpartum journey. As a first time mum, I felt very overwhelmed by the physcial and emotional changes happening throughout. Having Zaina join me as my doula on this journey was absolutely amazing and much needed.'

Birth & Postnatal Client

'Any questions or worries I had, from pregnancy, to labour, to breastfeeding she was always available to talk to me. She explained everything in a caring, down to earth and uplifitng manner. I highly recommend Zaina to join you in your pregnancy and postpartum journey, I could'nt have got through it without her.'

Maleeha- Birth & Postnatal Client

'A huge thank you to Zaina for always being so helpful and answering my 101 questions, ofering advice and reassurance whenever I've needed it. You're literally amazing and I appreciate you so much.'

Ami- Birth client

'Zaina, a very small gift to say thank you so so much for supporting me and being there through my pregnancy journey and making sure I embraced my birth despite feeling so scared. It meant so much too, as it gave me a wonderful new perspective!'

Kate- Bespoke antenatal & postnatal course

'I can't thank you enough for your time, knoweldge & energy! I felt very prepared for going into labour & most importantly you changed my mindset on labour & after birth. My labour didn't go to plan but with your training I can still walk away saying I would do it all over again & that is because of you! You are so supportive & I would highly recommend your services to anyone expecting!'

Charlotte Brouard- Caesarean hypnobirthing course

'Zaina supported me for my 2nd pregnancy & preparation for birth. She has been the most incredible help to me & such a wonderful doula. I highly recommend her to every family welcoming a new baby. I had a few complications during this pregnancy & consequently felt guilty & sad for feeling so disconnected to my baby. With Zaina's help & hypnobirthing sessions, I was able to overcome those feelings little by little. Furthermore, I can safely say that her presence in my antenatal journey has saved me from trauma & anxiety that I experienced with the birth of my first baby. Zaina signposted me to various resources whether the topic was hypnobirthing, gentle c-sections, colostrum harvesting & much more- helping me trust myself & increase my confidence in my decisions. She helped me prepare for my baby's birth in such a gentle, positive & energetic way. I will forever be grateful to have had access to such a wonderful doula. Thank you!'


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