Giving birth should be an exciting experience for you and your birthing partner, it shouldn't be something you are fearing. Hypnobirthing doesn't promise a certain type of birth, but it can certainly make your overall experience a more postive one as you are more likely to feel more knowledgable and empowered in your journey.

What Support I Offer

Are you looking to achieve a positive, empowered and confident birth experience? My hypnobirthing classes will provide you with the tools and techniques you need, using evidence based research to guide you through your birth journey.

Session 1 - Introduction to hypnobirthing and the importance of understanding the mind-body-connection in relation to fear, tension and its impact on labour.

Session 2 - Understanding how relaxation impacts labour. Learning tools and techniques for deep relaxation and looking at other ways you can prepare for a positive birth.

Session 3 - Understanding the maternity system and knowing how to get the best out of it for you and your baby.

Session 4 - To Understand the birthing process and to know ways you can work with your body and how your birth partner can be the best possible support.

Why It Is Important

Hypnobirthing gives you the tools, knowledge and confidence to be able to make informed choices. It helps you to trust your body and your instinct, which are designed for birth, so that you can enjoy your pregancy journey and birth without fear. The techniques taught can also help you manage your stress hormones, such as adrenaline. This helps to reduce anxiety and tension and help increase the love hormone oxytocin which is needed for labour.

Pricing and Packages

VIRTUAL HYPNOBIRTHING 1-1 FULL COURSE: £350 (pay in full or via a payment plan)
4 Sessions up to 10 hours includes:
- A Comprehensive 1-1 course including on going phone/text/email support
- A course that is tailored to your needs
- Helping you to feel motivated and supported in achieving the best possible birth for you and your baby, no matter the type of birth.
- A gift box with course essentials, goodies & relaxation scripts

VIRTUAL REFRESHER COURSE: £130 (pay in full or via payment plan)
2 Sessions up to 4 hours.
- This course is ideal if you have previously completed a full hypnobirthing course.
- Includes on going phone/text/email support
- I will create the course tailoring to your needs and the topics you want to refresh on
- Will include relaxation scripts and course book

£250 (pay in full or via payment plan)
3 sessions up to 6 hours
For those individuals having an elective belly birth and wanting to understand their rights and choices during this process.
- We cover a lot of which is in the full course but tailor around the topic of a belly birth
- Includes an interactive workbook, gift box & relaxation scripts


Book a free 30 minute consultation call usingg the calendar below, or for any enquiries send me an email at zaina@deeplydoula.com