Infant Feeding Coaching (IFC)

Feeding your new born, whether it is breast, bottle or combination feeding can be a rollercoaster. With the right support and knowledge antenatally and postnatally, your journey can be made easier.

What Support I Offer

I can support your journey, whether it is breast, bottle or combination feeding, antenatallyand postnatally. My role is not to be judgemental or have an expectation on how you decide to feed your baby- my goal is to support, encourage, provide knowledge, sign post to relevant professionals if necessary and empower you.

If you have decided that you goal is to breastfeed, it can be helpful to prepare for this.
I am qualified to talk to you about colostrum harvesting, the importance of the 'golden hour' immediately after delivery and look to empower you and your family in understanding the physiological importance of this.
If breastfeeding is not how you are planning on feeding your baby, I can help with regards to feeding techniques/positions and bottles. I encourage you to look for your local breastfeeding groups and to seek out relevant professionals before the arrival of your baby. This will help you to establish your support network, which will be important and valuable postnatally.

All babies feeding journies are different, whether it be your first, second, third etc baby. As an IFC, I will support your postnatal feeding journey by providing practical help such as looking at babies latch and positioning on the breast. I also look to help you if you are having feeding difficulties, supply issues and also provide information on how breast milk can be pumped and stored safely. I can also support and provide advice to you if you plan to do combination feeding/ bottle feeding. This would include discussing how to pace feed, understanding milk supply and expressing and much more. If I have any concerns in your babies development, weight or health, I will look to refer you to your GP/ health visitor/lacatation consultant or tongue tie practitioner.

Why It Is Important

Supporting you in your breast/bottle feeding journey is important as it can help offer the best possible start to life for your baby. It also can help improve the health and well being for you in the short and long term. Having early support in your feeding journey can help you to openly discuss your fears, concerns and issues in a confidential manner without feeling judged. It also helps you to use the knowledge learnt to feel empowered and in control of your feeding journey with your baby.

Pricing and Packages

Virtual or in-person
- Includes a free 20-30 minutes consultation to understand your needs and for you to get to know me as your IFC
- We will discuss your feeding preferences and I will provide you with information and advice. I will also answer any questions you may have relating to your feeding journey.

Virtual or in-person
We will talk about how your feeding journey has been since birth and will observe how your baby is feeding- whether it be breast or bottle. Depending on the support needed, I will help you to improve your babies latch, positioning of baby and provide you with information that will help support you and your baby. If necessary I will refer you to a lactation consultant or another health professional, depending on your babies needs.


Book a free 30 minute consultation call usingg the calendar below, or for any enquiries send me an email at