Parenting can be so joyful and loving, however can also be full of difficult hurdles. A new parent, like their baby, needs caring for.

What Support I Offer

As a British Pakistani, I carry my cultural practise of 'Chilla'. This means 40 days of rest postpartum. As a postnatal doula, I use the essence of 'Chilla' to ensure you are cared for, supported and nourished. The support I give includes helping with house work, cooking, caring for baby whilst parents rest, providing feeding support, emotional support and so much more.

Why It's Important

Having a postnatal doula allows you to recuperate and rest mentally and physically.
This period of rest allows:
- You to be exempt from the usual household chores
- You to optimise oxytocin production to help the process of attachment and bonding between you and baby
- You to optimise milk prodiction & enables time to feed baby stress free
- You to health and gain strength post birth
- You to establish a routine without other pressures
- You navigate the changes having a newborn brings, which can help pther siblings & your partner to also have time to bond with the baby.

Pricing and Packages

POSTNATAL DOULA PACKAGE: 10 hours- £250 8 hours- £200

- A free 30 minute consultation for both of us to get to know one another and for you to establish what you would like from my services.
- 8 or 10 hours of support distributed in a way that suits you. Each session should be at least a duration of 2 hours.
- Activities include cleaning, cooking (food you have provided), caring for baby whilst you rest, feeding support, providing evidence based research & sign posting as necessary, listening to your needs and providing holisitc care.
- Any additional visits will be charged at £30/hr or we can discuss another package suitable for you.

Having virtual doula support allows you to have emotional support, feeding support, answers to any questions you may have, providing evidence based information and sign posting for further support as necessary.

You get a 30 minute free Zoom/phone call in order for us to get to know one another and for you to establish what you would like from my services. Depending on your needs I will establish a personal quote (duration of 1 week min.) and this will inlcude unlimited WhatsApp/text messages/phone calls.


Book a free 30 minute consultation call usingg the calendar below, or for any enquiries send me an email at