Pregnancy Relaxation

During pregnancy, it is only natural for you to have a lot on your mind. Your body is going through so much change and day to day tasks can become overwhelming. Caring for your mental health during this time is just as important as your physical health, something pregancy relaxation classes can support you with.

What Support I Offer

These sessions give you the time to relax, unwind and bond with your baby, away from everyday distractions. Each session provides empowering information, tips for pregnancy and a guided relaxation script to help you feel more in control and reduce anxiety.

Why It Is Important

Pregnancy relaxation can benefit you by:
- Reducing your stress and anxiety
- Enhancing the bond between you and baby
- Reducing aches and pains by releasing tension
- helping you find coping strategies to deal with stress and anxiety
- helping to improve your sleep
- providing tools and techniques for yout birth and everyday life

Pricing and Packages

Virtual 1-1 Pregnancy relaxation class:
1 session £15 or buy 4 sessions and get 10% off (£54)
One session is 1 hour long and involves:
- Calm breathing & a body scan
- A short topic discussion
- A lovely relaxation script to help you feel relaxed and feel one with your baby


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